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Making a will

Everybody whether they are rich or poor know they should make a Will, but very few of us actually get around to doing it. Not making a Will causes many problems to family and friends often creating financial hardship at the worst possible time.


Every day 2000 people die in this country and most of them leave their families with all the problems of Intestacy - this means dying without having a legally valid Will.

Unfortunately, many families often face immediate financial hardship and sometimes they even have to sell the family home - simply because no Will has been written.

The Law of Intestacy means that the State writes a Will for you and your possessions are distributed according to this law. How many people would want their estate to be divided in a way that gave them no choice in the matter? Would you want your partner or family to face unnecessary extra difficulties and hardship at a time of great distress?

A few pounds and one hour of your time is a small price to pay for the peace of mind that proper organisation on this part of your personal estate will give you with ESP Willwriters Network.

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